Chairman: Russ Wood

Russ graduated from Lakeland Senior High School, attended Auburn University, and worked for 45 years in the industrial supplies industry. He has served in many capacities with the Libertarian Party of Florida, its Radical Caucus, and the Polk County affiliate. Most recently, he worked on Randy Wiseman's gubernatorial campaign. Russ has an interest in alternate money and currencies, with a focus on precious metals.


Vice-Chair: Jon-Luc Tesky

Jon-Luc grew up in Central Florida and was first introduced to Libertarianism by listening to Brett Veinotte on the School Sucks Podcast. He has served in many committees within the LPF and worked on Paul Stanton's, Joe Wendt's, and Adrian Wyllie's campaigns. Jon-Luc's interests include ending the failed drug war, advocating competing currencies, increasing choice in education, and freeing the market for entrepreneurship.

Allison Brown.jpg

Treasurer: Allison Brown

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Ad Hoc Advisor: Devon Mederos

Devon grew up in Miami, FL and studied Opera and Criminology at Loyola University New Orleans. He now studies at Florida Southern College in Lakeland. He discovered his libertarian leanings during the 2016 Presidential election when he attended a book club hosted by Austrian Economist, Dr. Walter Block. He is interested in pursuing PhD studies in Algorithms and Complexity Theory at Cambridge or Oxford in the future.